I have a happy jacket…

I had a little bit of a revelation about myself in the pub last night. I was explaining to my friend Judi about how I always have a few same words of advice for young people, and how I’m happy to tell it to any eyeballs that fix in my direction for as long as I have their attention. It goes like this:

I ask, do they know what they want to do in life? Do they know what their strengths and weaknesses are? I explain that I think everyone seeks to be happy and content in life and how can someone do that if they haven’t got a clue what they want to do? Well this is the importance about experimentation. Discovery of themselves, doing crappy jobs, trying foods, meeting various people, travelling… and thinking… thought is often overlooked, but very important. How can we process what we’ve gathered without space to think? 

I stress about how we often bumble through life, meeting people and then losing contact, discovering things and then not going back to them, etc… and we need to stop doing that. We need to start collecting all the ‘good’ things in life, the things that make us laugh, smile or feel good… and more importantly, we need to push away everything that doesn’t agree with us.

we need to do this because how the hell is someone supposed to find their ‘happy path’ in life if they aren’t aware of and constantly surrounded by the things that make them happy and can utilise their natural skills. 

Now imagine hanging all these things on yourself like a ‘happy jacket’. As you continue through life, everything ‘good’, that you love, that you get the most rewards from, is ‘hung’ on yourself. In time, you’ll start to develop a shield of ‘good stuff’, and that will reflect ‘bad stuff’… cause people that aren’t in the mental space where you are, won’t be able to ‘connect’ with you… they will be disconnected, they will repel from you… you won’t be physically able to be around bad stuff (however minor), whether mental or physical. Your ‘happy jacket’ will steer you… you won’t be able to help it, it’ll be obvious and natural to your mind about your direction in life. Your decisions will become less difficult. And ultimately thats what we all want in life right? To see the future, to know, like ‘really know’… what we should be doing.

Remember in school, how there’s always one kid, even when really young, they know what they want to do in life. Be it a Vet of a Dr or a Actor or whatever. They just know. How do they know? well thats another post in itself I think… but that’s a classic example of ‘self knowledge’ (happy jacket) in its purest form. The same knowledge is still within the rest of us, but diluted… maybe its ‘distracted knowledge’ until we filter it… but its there. We just have to dig about a bit more to find it. And maybe its all in pieces. Like exploded shrapnel, scattered throughout our brains and bodies in various areas, that can only be triggered when various nerve endings are stimulated. Maybe accupuncture does this?  

when I was 12ish, I used to go cleaning with my mum… I cleaned the toilets of Barclays Banks all over my local area (and their kitchens too). My mum used to tell me, ‘the good thing about cleaning toilets is, if you can do something so ‘low’ and be happy, then everything else in life has got to be better’. I was a cleaner from then, until I was 19, when I finished college.

I found cleaning so rewarding. There was a mess, and then it was gone. There was a mess, and then it was gone. Its like chaos, or making sense of chaos somewhat. That stuck with me and has shaped me. I get huge rewards from something so small. And I figured it out in the pub last night.

I need to be able to ‘see’ progress, in order to feel rewarded within myself. I need to start with nothing and create it, or start with a mess and then change its state to something ordered. I can only perform best, when doing something measurable… that to me is rewarding. It can be wrapped up in whatever role, task, location, activity it likes…. it doesn’t matter. Its the lowest common denominator to my happiness. Its also not the only thing, but one of many.

Its ‘that’ sort of thing people need to seek out. Piece together and make sense of. We need to spend our whole lives breaking down decisions good and bad, weighing up their value and steering ourselves in the right direction.

Its the only way to be happy surely?


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