Why do we have to be honest online? I mean ‘why’ do we believe everything we read online? Why is there an assumption that anything written online either by ourselves or others is true and accurate? Is there a pressure to only write facts unless otherwise clearly stated its not?

As more and more people use google and social bookmarking sites to cross check identities, before engaging further contact with them either professionally or personally, there is a natural assumption that everything seen and read about them will be correct. why?

I can have a fantastical dream at night, I can ‘think’ up situations by day, I can ‘act’ out a character vocally and I can behave in a completely different manner physically should I wish to… and all without giving a ‘disclaimer’ before I start about whether ‘the following content is or isn’t a true representation of myself’… so why can’t we do that online to? Is there a way we can do that online? cause I can’t think of a way to do it.

Why do we flat out trust what is typed? Is a qwerty lie equal to a lie in real life? Who’s fault is it that we listen to and believe whats written about ourselves online? Does creative writing online ‘have’ to be written under an alternate name so people don’t get reality and fiction confused? Why can’t I be a fictional ‘me’ online under my own name?

I guess the internet is essentially seen as an honest and true place whereby the end result (conclusion) is the sum of its parts (evidence) … But that’s fine if everyone does their homework and research people correctly…. but not everyone does. They read, they believe, they discover, they feel bad, they blame…. then they immediately point the finger towards the source of the content rather than blaming themselves for believing something in the first place.

This thought isn’t because I’ve had an experience of honesty / dishonesty / mistrust online, in fact I can’t remember why I even thought of the topic… but now I have, its here… and maybe its just a reminder for me (us) to not necessarily believe everything we read online, no matter who wrote it.


 *note: I hereby declare that the information given herein are true and correct and that I have not withheld any material fact or information from you. I authorise you to verify, in any manner with any third party, the information furnished herein or from time to time as you deem fit and I further undertake to furnish you promptly with such further additional information as you require at any time or from time to time.



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