A little knowledge goes a wrong way.

So I get hit up a message on msn. “do I know anything about hacking?”

Jeez… looks like its that time of year again.

When you’re 15, stuck at school, striving for an identity, a computer at your disposal, and a locked down network. It won’t take long for one kid to try and find an exploit, loop hole or ‘open’ machine to try and fiddle with some settings, sniff a port or 2 and take a peek at what’s on the other side.

It seems like every year, another batch of students will try their best to demonstrate their knowledge and authority online. And if they know of it, but just don’t know ‘how yet’… then they’ll start asking about.

“why?” I ask.

Jim wants to ‘have a laugh with some friends’.

The conversation continues along the lines of him trying to squeeze what little knowledge I have outta me, and me trying to convince him that this is the wrong route to be taking in life. I explain that a little knowledge, can go a long way… however hacking will take you the wrong way. You’ll slowly (or quickly) piss off your immediate mates… that’ll lead to you communicating with the ‘wrong mates’ … and that in turn will give you more ‘wrong knowledge’ … your power trip will increase… ever so easily, and soon Google will be evolve from a search engine of knowledge to a portal of shit that can easily land you in jail.

Think I’m talking crap? Its the same route that Gary took… and all he did was sniff a few ports on ‘open’ machines in the Pentagon. Now he faces the rest of his life in a US jail.

My chat with Jim, happened a few weeks ago. I sent him packing and thought no more of it. Hoping I’d put him off.

Today I receive another msn message. This time it says “r these ur pics?” and presenting me with a link. The link is from a site I don’t recognise and with a ‘www6’ domain, and is giving me a php redirect. Now not to get too picky about this, but it was clear that this wasn’t a regular url…. and it was going to suck in my email and spit it out somewhere I didn’t want.

I didn’t click the link.

I’ve just written Jim an email. I wish I saved it so I could post it up here, but I can tell you it basically stressed what a cock he was, and he is now blocked from my msn as I know he’s actively trying to find ways to hack peoples msn accounts. I do leave on a positive note tho…

… I tell him that there is a possibility that he didn’t send the message to me at all… and that someone hacked into his account and sent it on his behalf.

I can see Jim’s online now… and his msn name is currently ‘fuck!’


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