dead dog poem…

So the dog died. This wouldn’t be such a problem, but a strange thing happened. My dad phoned me and had a request… to write a poem for mum cause she’s really upset and wanted something to remind her of arnie, a bit like the poem I wrote for her as a xmas present.


what people hadn’t asked/realised…. is how the xmas poem came about.

I didn’t just sit down and write a poem before xmas and give it to mother. I wrote it during a particular ‘moment of clarity’ several years ago, when it was nowhere near xmas and had no-one inparticular in mind. It was a challenge for me, as my first ‘writing’ so it was pretty much a test of literacy ability. I wrote one more after that (henry and me) and then stopped.

Now years later, I’m out of ‘the moment’ and suddenly I get a request for a dead dog.

When I gave out the xmas poem I wasn’t asked, ‘how long did it take?’ ‘have you written many/any before?’ ‘why was that topic selected?’ ‘when was it written?’ ‘why was it written?’ etc… It was just accepted. Grateful tho I am, however, I’m not a poet. And writing about a dog, is not something that I feel I can do to the level of my previous writings. Will I try to?

maybe. Am I confident of a quality piece? not at all.



3 thoughts on “dead dog poem…

  1. just do what my students do and nick one off the net!

    actually, being serious for a moment now, why don’t you just write as you would for a blog: i mean, poems don’t have to rhyme do they? so just put a few thoughts down and hey presto, you have a poem. you don’t even have to really write about the dog do you? how about writing about relationships; or why people want to remember pets; or the fact that your dad asked you to write about the dog which says more about the relationship that your parents have got.

  2. actually yeah the writing one in the style of my dad ‘asking’ for a poem is much better. however, yes it _must_ rhyme, because family won’t ‘get it’ unless it rhymes. Either way, I fairly certain I won’t get round to it sadly… I’m very unmotivated to do it.

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