Dad needs to get a life (online)…

Some people have just given up. On life, on trying, on motivation, they’re content? (maybe) lost? (definitely) … they’re unconnected with all the things that they’ve existed for, for most of their life. They’ve moved on. Or stayed still, whilst everyone else has moved on. Its an empty world to live it without friends, isn’t it? Thats where the security of having a life long companion comes in to play I guess.

My dad is at this stage. He appears unhappy, tho he smiles and laughs (hard) daily.. I know he’s lost what to do with his life now. He’s a fantastic man, that I really really care for (just like all my family members) … and because of this, I don’t want to see him lost. I want to see him stoked to get up in the morning and keen to ‘get on with stuff’. Its hard tho.

I see so many benefits with being online and connected with people, 24/7… how can you present that medium to a generation that clearly feels so distant from, not the technology, topics, costs or understanding, but the motivation, inclination, effort and most importantly, the benefits?

I’m not sure how, but I’m going to try and sell the idea of spending more time online to him.

Ms Brittle says:
what would he write about? Have you mentioned it to him?
Mark says:
nah not yet…. I think I’ve got to sell the concept of documenting the things that he loves most online (hobbies of his etc) … and that will lead to connecting to similar thinking people… once he’s got a few ‘friends’ online… then the desire to connect with people further will accelerate. Its a challenge but I’m up for it.

I’m planning an attack on his current lifestyle. I’m going to start with his love. Music. Or at least it was, he’s kind of gotten out of sync with it all now. But he’s an encyclopedia of knowledge, love and passion for music and equipment of the 60s and I think he’d enjoy spilling out all the thoughts from his life.

I’ll let you know how progress goes.


One thought on “Dad needs to get a life (online)…

  1. well done. You’re miles ahead of me. I can’t pursuade my mum to sit and wait for the computer to turn on. ‘Why is it so slow?’ she asks everytime.

    she’s got a point.

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