the payoff…

I’ve been on this all night… but I can’t leave it… I have to say something.

I have the feeling I’m on the cusp of something incredible. I’ve been drip fed the good vibes for months now, and its ever increasing. But however the confirmation is just starting to hit me. When you have an idea and you take it to ‘the big boys’ and they initially shun you, gently warm to you, show increasing interest as you talk and end by dribbling all down their shoes fighting to grasp your attention.

Its a wonderful feeling and I’m not certain it’ll ever happen again in my lifetime.

To take an idea to professionals… who see ‘all’… are cynical of everyone that walks through their doors, and then learn that you may (not only) be on to something, but have a business model on your hands that could set the precident for all future similars. In an industry thats been stagnant for years, patient and desperate to find a footing where they could ‘finally’ become accepted! Bloody hell. Bloody fucking hell. To be told that you’re a complete 360 package, to insist that they work with you, to name drop, to rush through meetings and to drop everything else they’re working on for this. To be told they’ll be happy to work unpaid for as long as it takes to ensure not only its success, but to ‘hope’ they can eventually be part of it. Wow. That’s a big thing.

So now what? well the easy option would be to jump up and down and to give it a big fat hug and say yes, and go with it. The slightly harder option is to contain yourself until the meeting is over, thank them for their time, insist on meeting some other people first… then dropping your jaw when finally outside the building and punching the air with excitment that … the small, small idea you had… has actually been a keystone people have been looking for, for a long time now… and you just thought it was common sense.

So now, I continue… I say nothing more, I don’t get excited, I look forward to more meetings to develop a clearer picture.

In the words of the man, ‘time to start picking yourself out that nice new sports car’… little do they really know!

(btw – please don’t ask, so I don’t have to find a way of not telling you, I just had to say this for me)


5 thoughts on “the payoff…

  1. Dammit have you stolen my amazing idea of combining napkins with postit notes so you can leave critical notes after you have been served a bad meal. That was MY idea dammit!

  2. Relax! your idea is safe… my idea is the ‘butter backed’ cat levitation mechanism crossed with the popular ‘segway’ transportation device designed for young go getters to navigate large buildings vertically, bypassing the traditional elevators system and… oh, I think I’ve said enough.

  3. f***ing brilliant mark! it couldn’t happen to a better bloke and you deserve every success in life…

    just remember your poor old friends when you’re driving around in that sports car and have people opening your door for you when you park.


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