We All Need More sXe…

sXe is pronounced ‘straight edge’ or just ‘edge’ and sometimes written as sXc (the ‘c’ is for ‘core’ as in ‘hardcore’). Either way if your relative or sibling announces they’re ‘edge’… be very happy indeed, cause its something to be proud of.

sXe is a largely invisible genre offshoot of punk music that every parent should be fully aware of and ‘encourage’ in their own ebryonic punk offspring. To be sXe is to be a someone (and we all know how identities are important)… I swear if the church, parents or politicians could understand and embrace this, they’d be spending millions of pounds trying to encourage it.

So what is it exactly?

Well, sXe is punk and… its beautiful, both in its concept and ideologies. Because sXe, is to be ‘clean’…to be non-violent, to be drug and alcohol free, to not sleep around with random partners and to be healthy… oh yes…how cool is that? … the only apparent negative is its hardcore, its guitars, its distortion and its anti-social (to the untrained masses).

sXe is a lifestyle choice first started way back in the 80s by the band Minor Threat and specifically the singer Ian MacKaye who later went on to form the still hugely popular Fugazi. People would show their ‘edge’ by drawing X’s on the back of their hands to show they are supporting the cause. The X is still a strong symbol in punk/hardcore life today for any people involved in the scene. And guess what, the ‘scene’ has evolved and morphed into many other genres of teen obsessed music including the previously mentioned Emo-kids. Though sadly as theres no official ‘history book’ of the sXe culture, many have got its priorities muddled up. For example; Ian MacKaye hated the fact that kids would go crazy in the ‘mosh pit’ and risk harming someone else that was there for the music, he encouraged fans to sit and listen and/or dance with care and consideration to others. They often played on ground level and not on stages, so they could be on the same level as their fans and to be closer to them. Whilst this all sounds happy and lovely and caring and sharing, don’t forget that this style of punk music is the hardest type of sonic audio you can get. These guys certainly weren’t sitting strumming acoustic guitars, I can assure you!

I do have a problem with kids that spout on about their ‘edge’ though and how ‘core’ they are…. Its become a very fashionable thing to throw around, particularly on the web were its so easy to add an ‘X’ to your username and claim ‘edge’…I state that being ‘edge’ isn’t much of a statement when you aren’t legally allowed, nore have access to, all the things that being sXe stands for (drug, alcohol, sex etc)… people tend to forget this and eagerly join the club anyway without any thought… it is only later on when people start hitting 15, 16+ that their ‘edge’ is tested… when all the worlds vices are on offer to them and suddenly its only their morals or ‘edge’ values stopping them from partaking.

Either way, as soon as I hear of someone who’s sXe, i aplaud them fully, I make them feel special and pay them lots of attention and give them praise, I also dig a little deeper to find out what being sXe means to them… I think more people that stress the true values, the more young people will set themselves up for a better future.

Here’s to being sXe…probably the best thing to come out of music for decades.


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