Peer Pressure?

Have you ever looked up to someone and wanted to be in their shoes? live how they live and experience what they experience? thinking that the grass is greener? I know and you know, yet we all think that we can behave differently and ‘better’ when put in that position…. like winning a lot of money, inheriting an estate. If you have, then I believe you cause I have too. But I, like you dream of smelling of roses after a little ‘shit slip’ … but if the effort and passion of wishing for a windfall was converted into a voice that gave enough advice and confidence to make you (and me) develop skills that we possess to an incredibly marketable degree… we’d all be laughing and rolling in it. Money however doesn’t arrive to those that chase it imo. Its merely a residue, left over from acts of kindness, positivity, passion and determination. The phrase ‘there’s no short cuts to success’ is stuck in my head. I wonder if that is true and if so, how far I can run with it in my head to determine its ‘weight’.

“by the weight of one” is a phrase that I’ve had floating around in my head for about 3 years now. …. and I still don’t know what it means or why its stuck with me. I sense it’s something to do with not taking shortcuts in life….. this is going nowhere…. I’m gunna hit delete and start again.

The guy at the top is unstable, so he looks down, and sees people beneath him, therefore he begins to feel safe and supported. Now the people looking up, want to be at the top, but don’t realise that the guy at the top looks and acts as good as he does, because of all the people looking up at him, they just want to be where he is because they think the view is better and the air is cleaner. But the guy at the top is on his own, he’s lonely, and every now and then he want’s to come down and hang with the people and meet everybody, but he can’t, because whenever he comes down, the people still look up to him and treat him differently, and this isn’t just with the people, it happens with everybody. Everybody looks at the people looking up at the guy at the top, everybody sees the people as looking good, because they’re all closer to the guy than everybody else is, but everybody else gets to see everything… the guy at the top which isn’t as stoked as people think, and the people begging for attention from the guy and behaving like sheep just to try and win favour.

So we’ve got the guy at the top who’s lonely and wants to come down, the people looking up, who think the top is a good place to be and everybody else who knows they’ll never be at the top and can see people for what they are.

Whatever situation you are in and activity you follow… you should be able to decide where and who you are. whether you are at the top, one of the people trying to be at the top, or everybody else. you often hear of professionals and celebrities and musicians wanting to get back in touch with their roots, whilst so many spend their lives trying to reach the peak of their chosen field. When in actual fact the best place to be is with everybody else who can see the big picture and aren’t out of touch with reality.

hmm… *mark thinks…. there’s probably something deep and meaningfull within all that.


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