change vs preference

change is good isn’t it? not the type of change associated with the shrapnel from one of the queens finest sheets, but ‘change’ associated to time, technology and erm… socks etc

i like what change does to me… questioning why I do something a certain way and makes me think if there’s a different way to do it… to be better, to improve possibly. I find people that resist change as interesting… I’d like to know why they aren’t fans of it. if they’re fed up with changing their methods of continual self education for fairly trivial things or whether they’re just creatures of habit… or maybe are afraid to partake in new fads unless, everyones doing it and its proven as worthwhile.

hmm.. change is good imo. I see no downsides. It keeps me adaptive, prevents me from getting attached to certain ways of doing things and of course, my brain gets fed lots of fresh information.

I’m not talking about ‘preference’ tho which is much different from, and shouldn’t be confused with ‘change’… eg: I’ve not embraced the ‘change’ involved with computer games, because I’m not interested/motivated/inspired in them and I’d rather be doing something more productive/active/creative.

Do me a favour, and take a wrong turn on the way home… does it bug you or thrill you?

all done – short one today, hey?


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