jelly, photos, eurovision and self analysis…

I’m sat here mucking about with google photos (otherwise known as Picasa) in order to compare it with Flickr, and have just uploaded a test batch of photos to see how it can handle/process them:

.. I’m also listening to the eurovision song contest in the background…. and some justin timberlake ripoff is doing a frank sinatra impression… why I’m watching this, I’ve no-idea, I’d like to make some kind of joke about it, but I can’t its just on, and I’m going to have to turn it off in a bit…. cause I can’t stomach much more of it…. aaaargggggghhhhh!

Had jelly and ice-cream at me nieces b-day earlier… and it was a family gathering affair with all bro’s in place. I made a beline for my old man on entrance, just after my niece tossed my well thought out present purchased hours earlier in Bath in favour of a pair of Heelies that she wheeled herself off on…. I knew I should have bought her a pony instead. Serves me rig ht, better luck next time mark.

I’m an interesting subject at family gatherings, because I resort back to the ‘true me’…. which isn’t that outgoing vocal person most people know… but I return to my introverted state and people watch/analyse everyone in the room and interact very little.

(ffs, a tin foil drag queen is now singing for the Ukraine… jebus)

anyways… yeah, I tend to ask myself various questions in my head, like ‘I don’t think my family even know ‘who’ I am exactly’ … now that probably sounds a bit odd.. cause surely your family should know you best… but not in this case. For example, they can only talk to me about subjects on skateboarding, which is pretty difficult for most of them, as they have absolutely zero interest in it. But the biggest thing is … they can’t actually talk to me on any other topic. The fact that I’m massively into photography, digital literacy, youth work, gym flipping, music (making) …

(omg.. The UK’s entry is on now…. and if I’m correct, they’re singing out of tune! excellent…. bloody hell I can’t watch, this is car crash tv… its like a steps track 10 yrs ago. Do europeans actually think we like/listen/make music like this?? I really hope not… ok its over… thank god for that.)

… yeah so.. I think they only think I’m interested in skating, which might have been true 15yrs ago, but they don’t seem to have realised I’ve developed other interests.

I’m very quiet around my family members. Infact the more the conversation builds the less and less I contribute and the more and more I blend into the wallpaper, edge towards the doorway and start thinking of ways I can leave the building. My Bro’s are pretty much attention seeking people, they thrive off of who can talk the loudest, get the most laughs at someone else’s expense and talk the loudest and say the most oneliners…. oh and who can talk the loudest. I’d definitely say I’m the dullest person in the room at these family affairs… which is why I can’t wait to leave… or get drunk…. but seeing as I stopped getting drunk at parties… Ooooo…. at least a decade ago… then naturally, leaving is normally the prefered option.

I’d like to round this up with a …… (enter statement here) ….. but I don’t think I have one… or I might have if a double drumming bulgarian fetish outfit pop act wasn’t on my screen at this time.

either way… todays event just reminded me how I suck in a room full of people. If I can’t have a conversation, one on one with someone then I pretty much wish myself out of the room. odd that you might think… but not to me.

which reminds me of how some asperger sufferers behave.

(ps: I didn’t even know a country called Moldova existed, and I agree with terry wogan, she needs to pull her trousers up a bit… either that or be brave and whip the buggers off entirely)


2 thoughts on “jelly, photos, eurovision and self analysis…

  1. i stumbled on to your blog today and have enjoyed having a good read. i know how you feel about sucking in rooms full of people!

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