I’m being reincarnated today, back in a bit.

whilst I think about it. Reincarnation isn’t all that tricky is it. I’ll be quick over this one, cause I’ve got a mountain of things to do.

Fancy being reincarnated as another human being, yet with all the knowledge you have now and with the ability to ctrl+z it all back to normal and continue where you left off?

easy. leave the country. Leave everything and everyone you’ve ever associated yourself with and start again. New friends, home, climate, scenery, job, financial status… hey.. get yourself a new name whilst you’re there!

How different is that from the notion of reincarnation? not much imo, yet with all the added benefits of reversing the process and ‘returning’.


I’ve always like the idea of starting over. Cause sometimes the thought of continuing and along the same path isn’t filled with glee*. It’s largely associated with running away… which may be true for most, but I don’t really agree with, because that implies that i’m not happy with my current life.. which simply isn’t true. However for it to happen, one can’t be attached to ‘anything’ in this life… which I think is true for myself. I see it as a great thing, an exciting thing. One that is a bit like getting a new hard drive, a new car, or moving house, job or even just rearranging the furniture in the livingroom. For that while, until the newness wears off… the feeling is fantastic… like getting a new tattoo, cept less stupid.

Every 7 years, I’m different anyway… why not experience that as a new person in a new part of the world? wouldn’t that be exciting? no? … well I think it would. It would be a true test of who we are, all we’ve learnt, our ability to end all and start again… could we achieve the same status in life? be it financial, happiness, stability, friendship or whatever.

I think that would be the ultimate package holiday of life.


*glee is an official laura-ism


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