what?? hyperconnected? I feel like half the planet have only just become ‘connected’, and now people are talking about being hyperconnected!

For those that aren’t aux fait, hyperconnected is being ‘attached’ to the internet everywhere… like ‘everywhere!’… which basically means through your phone… but hey, ‘EVERYWHERE!!!’ looks and reads better.

For a while now I’ve heard of Twitter, but not checked it out… when I did.. I didn’t really get it. But now I do get it. Y’see, blogs are hard work. You have to think of something to say, compose yourself like an email (and we all hate writing those things!) … type it all out, spellcheck it (if you care), re-read it… submit it.. etc.. oh dear, Oooo what a polava.

Now the concept of twitter, removes all that, and offers blogging along the lines of texting your mates… you post a message of just a couple of sentences, if that… and hit submit. done. easy. no? well… that’s all it is. Its that easy, its that lazy, its that simple and popular and addictive and spreading like athletes fooooooot!!!! its everywhere!!!

no really.

Don’t sign up, it’ll ruin your life. You think that having a blog is addictive…. all that checking and updating and typing. A twitter account is a tedious stream of conscious droppings that conjeal together like that ‘no more nails’ multipurpose adhesive tube tip that continues to dribble long after you returned from A&E for sawing the top of your finger off.

Add to the fact that you can update your twitter account from your mobile phone, and you’ll start to understand why the phrase hyperconnected is being thrown about.

Posting a message to the world saying ‘I’m on the loo, eating a doughnut, am I bad?’ to the world can yeld some interesting comments straight back at you. Imagine if all your texts were public? All of them! wow. This is bad people, very bad indeed… and I think we’re all heading that way. Resistance is futile… blogging is dead… it’ll be left only for the real writers. For want of a better word.. we’ll all be twitting in some way eventually. It just depends on how willing you are to embrace it.

I still think Jaiku is better tho.


3 thoughts on “hyperconnected?

  1. You’ve summed it up! I LOVE twitter. It is so pointless, yet so immediate. I just update it in seconds on my desktop widget. I have nothing of any import to write it in, it’s just another word landfill. One day they’ll show us some pit in China where all the shit on the internet goes and we’ll all start recycling and going organic about it. Those fripperies can’t continue! But Twitter embraces it and I am addicted to it and other peoples. Jaiku seemed to be exactly the same thing with a different skin to me. Why do you think it better?

  2. I like jaiku because its not twitter.. and I have a big dislike for all things popular… on the plus side jaiku allows you to add your blog rss and generally, it looks and feels like they’ve looked at twitter, taken all the same good stuff and made it better and given it tidier look too.

    http://chilledheatmark.jaiku.com/ I believe i’m the same username on twitter too. however I didn’t know about the vista gadget for twitter… just installed that now and having a go. Will see if there’s one for jaiku.

  3. I’ve experienced the same thing on Facebook – I get these innane messages telling me what people are currently doing / thinking / eating. I want to shout back, ‘do you think I care that you’ve just bought a new pair of pink shorts?!’ The result of all this hyperconnectivity is that I am very tempted to be shot of it all and erase my facebook / myspace / bebo page. I just can’t keep up with the triviality of it all.

    Got to go; have to post indication of my angst on my web portals…

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