I sooo nearly bought the INXS – Kick album in Woolworths for £3 the other day! Which is nearly as bad as illegally downloading the entire Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet Album.

Which reminds me, Kentucky Fried Chicken is probably very valuable on the blackmarket. Take any family sized bucket to the local council estate pub and I bet you’d get more than a tenner for just the skin alone.

I’m waiting for south park to start on telly btw. I don’t watch it, I tend to fall asleep to it nowadays.

Tomorrow is wednesday. Its my birthday. I’ll be at work for the first time on that day since I started work at 18(ish). Its amazing how many people I can say ‘I don’t celebrate my birthday btw’ and they still send me a celebratory ‘happy birthday’ text message. Its like its their right to annoy me on ‘my’ special day or something. I always like to think that my bestest friends respect my wishes, and the rest of my friends are called sharon blake.

The phone will be off all day tomorrow 😀


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