Invisible education…

I’ve been writing in my phone again. Its a frequent thing.. and I’m really glad I have the facility available. I love it more than making calls itself.

I was sat in Tesco’s munch a paninii as usual… and I’m observing people around me. It takes seconds for a thought to land in my head and I’ve just got to make note of it:

“everything outwards. The great brand fandango. A message in a body (bottle)”

“Does smart dress equal important? The Suit Show”

“Continual impovements and the evolution of learning. The art of invisible education”

Thats just 3 examples of the sort of things I shove in my phone, and there’s another 8 more thoughts in there that I haven’t typed.

Everything Outwards. The great brand fandango. A message in a body (bottle)
This was the result of watching a lady, quite badly dressed, yet confident. I thought about logos and t-shirts with slogans and about how so much of our silence (internal thoughts we think are private) actually speak volumes in other ways. Clothing is a classic example. Everything can be analysed and connected to the personality of the wearer like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

Does smart dress equal important? The Suit Show
I watched a smart suited young male and female couple tuck in to some grub and thought about why they were dressed that way. Whether it was a reflection of their position within a business, or financially, or niether and they just wanted to present a smart state for people that looked at them (like me). I also noticed and older gent in a suit and wondered why for him too. The Suit Show… was a statement about how I thought the generic smart look actually conceals the ‘real’ person… like a mask. Its a presentation technique… people generally don’t relax in a suit do they? Maybe a suit creates a certain frame of mind for them that allows them to easily seperate work life from home life? meh, whatever… next!

Continual impovements and the evolution of learning. The art of invisible education
Ok, this one I like. It was born from the recent training session I’ve just got back from, and about how we often spend time analysing our approach, techiques and feedback of the course material and figuring out what if anything is worth changing to improve the students experience. This ‘invisible education’ is our continual improvements that probably go unnoticed to the average person, but collectively over time, contribute to the whole package makes one person or business more ‘professional’ than the next. If somethings good, but you just can’t put your finger on why its good, then its probably down to the invisible education, continual improvements and the evolution of learning.

The 2 or 3 sentences of typed txt headings here, were written like I envisage magazine articles to be… or blog posts… Short and punchy that make people want to read further. I do that a lot, headings are valuable real estate and one that should never be written first… always last and with equally as much thought and ‘punch’ and the article itself. Without a decent heading, you’re missing a large percentage of your audience.


One thought on “Invisible education…

  1. Loooooooving the ‘invisible education’ one – for me, it’s our ethos around learning whilst playing. Kids are constantly learning through play and I suppose this could be cited as invisible education – it’s what we do in our training… loving it!



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