letchworth init.

I’m off to Letchworth today. Which’ll be nice (I’ve no-idea if it will be really) … I’ve got a coupla days training there and am looking forward to it like usual. Training some people from Mencap I believe. Which means I should really have a good think about spinning some case studies in the direction of their work, but I don’t have time today… maybe the hotel will have net access? meh… I won’t be holding out for that one (based on previous hotels performance).

I’ve finished of the book I was reading tho… which I’m pleased about cause its the first ‘real’ book I’ve actually completed since I was at college I think. (probably not, but it feels like it) So, I’m now on to the big hardback, Bad Luck and Trouble, which I don’t like and thought I wouldn’t read… however its a bit of a no brainer, so I’m hoping I can get through it quickly.

The wkend was a good one, I skated, then skated some more, then skated some more. How very dull of me. But I liked it. What’s on the horizon? Umm… I think making music is going to surface again soon.. and all because of a work related idea too. More on that when it kicks off.

I’m done, ter-raa


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