someone dropped a bollock.

If you run a search for ‘HD-DVD processing key’ right now, you’ll probably discover a trail of breadcrumbs amounting to one almighty cockup in the DVD industry.

However if you search and find nothing… then you can be assured that someone has done a very good job in damage limitation.

this is interesting 🙂

Update: The cleanup continues.
The story has been dropped from digg and after 3mins of me submitting this blog post technorati is showing a ‘There are no posts that contain that text.’ message just after I viewed my own post on there and about 10 others.

Update2: this is worrying
*mark takes a backup of his blog .. just… in… case.

Update3: erm…
… its all over google anyway… someones got their work cut out cleaning up this multi million/billion dollar mess.

Update4: its all here:
HD-DVD, Blu-ray.


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