People who let their pc’s gather dust. Send them here.

The following text was written this morning from the frustration of family and friends that neglect their computer and internet connections. They leave them gathering dust and state they ‘don’t know what to do with it’. This bugs me, because I see many many ways that they could get a lot out of their machine, either for personal or professional use.

I’m of the feeling that many pc’s should be sold with a guide to ‘doing stuff’ with it. Many people just don’t know where to start.

you’ve now got a computer, so what?
what the hell do you do with it?

Is it too bold for me to make such a statement as ‘I can turn your life around forever and give you unlimited friends and happiness?’ Your computer is there, it’s the tool to allow you to do that. And, contrary to popular belief, you can do it all yourself. You don’t need to be a web designer to do it. You don’t even need to know how your computer works, or how the internet works. You just need a few simple directions to steer yourself in… I promise it won’t take long for things to snowball… in your direction… for the better.

I have found that many people new to the ‘computer thang’.. and the internet, are 2 things. Firstly overwhelmed and secondly confused. They bought the machine because they ‘believe’ they should have one, and have been told that they’re great and you can do so much and how other people ‘can’t live without it’.

Well thats all great and good, but what are you actually going to do with the technology, once you’ve printed your holiday photos and looked at ebay and the bbc website?

I suggest to people who are in this situation to start looking inwards to themselves rather than out towards the vast internet world, which will only just make you dizzy and fall over. Look at your life, what you do with passion or enthusiasm and start to share that passion online with the world. If what you do and love makes you feel great, then imagine how much better life is going to get, once you’ve connected with 100s of other people that share the same views as you? This could be any topic, from home baking, to graffiti, local politics, to your obsession with housework or helping people or just about anything you can think of!

This is the hook imo. This is the start of whether everything goes great or tits up for your new online experience. Everyone wants praise, for their life and opinions, intelligence and actions. We seek this continually and surround ourselves throughout the course of our life with likeminded people in various forms. From work colleagues to social friends… we might spend decades collecting (and losing) various people that mean a lot to us mentally. Continuing this online is much the same, but in a lot of ways its much easier and quicker too. The internet is fantastic for connecting directly to other peoples brains, no visuals to get in the way, no ‘moving away’ to another countries, no language barriers to worry about, no miss reading body language, no inconvenient phone calls and miss meetings. Just your brain, directly connecting to someone else’s… anywhere on the planet. The chances of your first real online friend living a 1000 miles away is very real, and very easy to achieve.

A lot of people hear stories of other making money off of the net… I tend to steer people away from trying to do this. Money comes easiest from honesty, being genuine and passions… from that gathers like minded people and from that comes loyalty and loyal people are happy to part with their money and invest in your services/products. Therefore, always start with your passions and start locating people that share those same interests!

Some people however, don’t have a passion, or struggle to identify what theirs might be. In this case I recommend tuning in to what makes you happy or interested or laugh or smile and follow those things. This could be found anywhere, from reading a newspaper, to taking part in a conversation, or from wandering through random websites like Finding something can be a struggle, but really its a challenge, and its a treasure hunt too, because we all have something that fires us up… so yours is out there, you just need to focus a little time hunting for it! good luck 🙂

Here’s my brief ‘Beginners Guide to Global Domination’ and how you can start to develop, shape and enjoy and massive new world and link up with people from all over the world.

1: Find a subject you’re passionate about.
All of the above describes this, so I won’t talk anymore about this.

2: Sign up to a blog ( /
This is simply a free area online for you to post your thoughts and allow other people to access them. I recommend vox to people as its very simple to setup and customise, good for photos and video clips etc, however if you don’t enjoy it and feel you need something more advanced and professional, look at wordpress, its similar to vox, but has a bigger user base and lots of nice statistics and can track who’s been viewing your words.

3: Start posting your thoughts
No explanation needed here really. But just get all those thoughts out and online. Don’t hold back, and post new thoughts as frequently as possible. Also add in links and references that you’ve found online to support your thoughts, it’ll add weight to whatever you’re talking about. Don’t get too precious tho, experiment with new posts and pages and find out what your weblog can do… or search for advice online. There’s lots of people out there that can give you great tips and their thoughts to improving your blog.

4: Sign up to google and setup a google reader account
A ‘reader’ is a free online tool that allows you to ‘collect’ and read all the new content that you discover online. It will become a valuable tool in future… so don’t worry about it too much right now. Its value will become obvious over time.

5: Find like minded people is a search engine for other peoples weblogs. Search for the topic you’re interested in, and you’ll instantly start connecting with like minded people.

6: Stop visiting, start feeding
Grab the RSS feed link of any interesting blogs you find and paste it into your google reader. Most blogs have a ‘feed’, this is a link that can be added to your google reader.
Want to know how to use it? Watch this:

7: Find more links, add to google, and check your reader everyday.
Collect as many as these as you wish. Once in your reader, you won’t have to keep returning to that website to see if anythings been updated. Your reader will show you all the new content, without you having to visit the site directly.

8: Keep blogging your passionate thoughts to your blog.
Don’t forget to update your blog! And invite all your friends to read your words.

9: Sign up to and submit your best blogs to it.
Digg is a website designed for you to post your news, and for people to ‘rate it’.. the more interesting your news is, the more people will ‘digg’ it. A news story for you, can be one of your blog posts.

10:Add a digg button to those blog stories.
If you add a digg button to your blog posts, people can easily vote for it on digg. Visit the ‘tools’ area of to learn how to add these buttons to your pages.

10 points was a great place to stop, but I have an 11th.. and may add more!

11: Signup to
Delicious, is a website for holding and sharing all your bookmarks. Why would you want to do that as you have your browser for all your favourites?? Delicious, shows you who else loves your favourites, immediately connecting with like minded people. It also means in the event of something happening to your computer, you won’t lose the sites you love best. Infact the more things you can do online and not store on your hard drive is a good thing, I recommend it and if you’ve ever experienced a hard drive failure, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Once you’re at this stage, you’ll be fully emersed in your online life already. You’ll be hitting your reader everyday and seeing whats new out there, you’ll be checking your weblog everyday to see who and if anyone has commented on your thoughts, you’ll be checking out digg to see how your words have been recieved by the ‘world’. You’ll also have a long list of websites to added to delicious and you’ll love visiting on a daily basis, connecting with, leaving messages on other peoples blog sites and maybe getting in to email conversations with new found friends. Your network will have expanded dramatically. You’ll be enjoying the digital media in more ways than most people are even aware of.

What’s more, this will combine like minded brains… and together you’ll all be developing powerful ways to achieve goals that were previously impossible.

Welcome to your new life. Global domination is just round the corner… feels good doesn’t it?


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