Everyone loves a wifi’d hippy

been mucking about with ‘features’ on here a bit. the technorati link, the feed link and the social bookmarking link on the right there specifically. Plus wordpress has introduced a funky tag cloud that I’ve had a go at… however its not that pretty to look at imo.

I’m really into rss atm. Its passed me by for so long, because i didn’t like having to install more software on my machine, or use some clunky browser feature. However I’m loving google reader atm, and have that as one of my homepages, so I get to see and check it everyday which is cool.

i’ve also found the wordpress code for installing ‘digg‘ buttons on my blog here (as seen on the ‘Kidnectivity‘ post) I’m liking that feature… tho I don’t like the fact that I submitted it to the wrong category and now can’t delete it or reposition it) ahh well. At least its working for future reference 🙂

What else? Oh yeah.. I’ve been getting into using my amazon wishlist and recently filled it up with all the stuff I want to buy. I did try out a site for bookmarking and reviewing books called ‘revish‘ but I wasn’t feeling that… its too american and not picking up on UK titles. The other thing I’ve done is looked into Twitter to see what all the fuss is about… and have decided its perfect for attention seeking loners… however tho twitter has all the kudos and media hype atm, I’ve found and decided Jaiku is much funkier.

Finally … an amazing find and wonderful idea imo … is whisher which is a little software app that defies everything we’re told to do with our wifi connections and actually encourages us to open up our connectivity to anyone and everyone that wants it! Buuuut…. the difference is, you’re able to see and control who has access to your connection. A fantastic idea methinks and I hope it takes off big time… my broadband sits idle most of the time, I’m happy for someone else to use it… particularly as I can trace and keep an eye on them during the process.

Its a happy hippy thought of a world with free internet I guess… I can’t wait for it to happen!



One thought on “Everyone loves a wifi’d hippy

  1. Oh no! I am an attention seeking loner! I LOVE twitter. I have a twitter box on my blog which I can update via a widget on my desktop. I am like soooo in wid da yoot dude.

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