Scissors Vs Computers

When I first spoke to milo (16), I think he was into ice hockey at the time, he was heavily into it, but got chatting to me on msn about graphics. I told him about this really cool easy 3d package I’d been playing with called google sketchup…. he hadn’t heard of it, but liked it and had a play about with it too.

12 months or so passed, and he hit me up on msn again to say hi, and also to say that since I spoke to him, he’d really got into graphics and was about to start an apprenticeship at a local design studio. I gave big congrats to him and he was stoked, but had a problem.

He really wanted to do something else. I had to press him about what it was, cause he didn’t seem to want to give up the info for fear of what I thought of him. It turned out to be hairdressing… and he quickly followed up the sentence with the statement, ‘but I ain’t no gay tho lol!’ … (billy elliot anyone?)

Aparently his mum does it, and he’s always been around it and likes it too, and really wants to give it a go…. he says it really appeals and ‘fuck knows why tho lol’ … However there’s the ole mates thing, and what people will think of him and stuff like that… the usual stuff that goes through 16yr olds minds.

I told him that I wished I could draw, properly, like anatomy and fine art stuff. And now know that because I’ve had this urge all my life, I really really wish I studied it 15+yrs ago… in the same thought I also wished I took martial arts years ago….. i recall being in my early teens and wanting to do it, but not having the balls or confidence to do it… that urge also hasn’t gone away and even now at 33 I’m debating starting lessons.

I told milo that our ideal job, our perfect job, the one that we ‘should’ be doing, is the one that we do anyway, whether we’re getting paid for it or not. That’s the real career option you should listen to, forget all those questionaires and survey programs we’re asked to complete by the careers officers. Once we know what we love, and appeals and fires us up mentally, then that’s what we should work towards and, (and this is the biggie) … the urge never goes away!

I told him that if he studies hairdressing now, whilst he doesn’t have many large bills to pay out, it’ll be easier than getting into the design world, start earning some nice loot, and then struggle to give that up, if the over whelming urge to try hairdressing is still with him. Plus have you ever, ever known a hairdresser to be out of work? no… with a pair of scissors and the skills to operate them, you can travel to any country in the world, whether english speaking or not, and earn money to get a bed for the night. You can’t do that with graphics.

I get back plenty of yea’s and I knw’s from him, and during the course of the conversation, he’s decided to go for it. He’s going to look into it tomorrow.

I hope he does… I know he’ll be happier because of it. He leaves me with one last statement… ‘I ain’t working in my mums salon tho’.

I can’t blame him…. what kid would?


2 thoughts on “Scissors Vs Computers

  1. he has GOT to do it! geez, we need more people out there following their hearts and being ‘true to themselves’ (yeah i know it’s all really touchy-feely liberalism speak ;o)) rather than conforming to cultural stereotypes ’cause the more people that do so the easier it will be for others to follow. there is no reason why using scissors is any more feminine than using a screwdriver or soldering iron – it’s the ability to be able to use tools precisely that matters. okay you might argue that in hairdressing you have to be able to converse with the customers about eastenders and holidays and tanning lotions etc, but that’s not true either. many people (myself included) just want to be able to think about a few things and in and out as quick as possible. and tell him that he will get the pick of all the girls at the training school (now his mates will be jealous of that i’m sure!).

    so tell him to go for it…

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