I can read! I can read!

no really. I can read.

what I mean is, because it looks like I’m going to be having plenty of spare time on my hands travelling on trains going to training gigs, this means I can actually sit with a book for a bit and read. Oh what a rarity! However, I do have a slight problem here, I’ve decided that its best if I talk to whoever sits next to me for the journey. And the conversation has to begin in a certain way otherwise it won’t happen at all.

If I don’t say hello or hi as soon as the other person arrives and sits down, then I probably won’t speak at all. Upon first sight of the ‘companion’, I’ll make a judgement whether I want to talk to them and if not, I’ll wedge my headphones in and bury my head in the book. If they look ok, (eg: don’t have a bad attitude) and seem reasonably interesting, then I’m there.

Anyway… that aside, I’m reading. Hooray.

There is a catch tho. I see reading as a very mundane task… I yawn whilst doing it and it starts to send me to sleep. My mind also wanders and I day dream for many of those pages. I also read slowly. I sat next to a young woman on the train who probably read at about 4 or 5 times the speed that I read. I watched her do it out the corner of my eye and was stunned. Do all people read that fast? Am I really that slow? how can someone read at speed like that and actually take in the information?

I read at the speed I talk. I repeat the words in my head and ‘read’ to myself. I don’t know how to read any faster and consume every word like I do now. Sure I can speed read, I’ve read about it (slowly) and tried it. But I feel like I’m just looking at words as opposed to digesting them.

Maybe she was just showing off?


2 thoughts on “I can read! I can read!

  1. this is from someone who spends a considerable amount of their working life reading…

    what i tell my students is that they need to be able to ‘closely’ read something, that is, they can’t do it whilst watching tv, making their dinner, talking to a friend, even listening to music.

    mark, you’ve got it spot on if you are spending time digesting what’s on the page. that makes reading a lot more interactive (and useful) because you’re actually thinking through what is being said. it also means that you’re fairly philosophical about things and don’t just passively absorb information which many people do. it will also mean that you’re far more likely to be able to remember it and for it to affect what you read in the future (as you can put it into context).

    it takes me forever to read books.. on average about 3 months with me reading every night before i go to sleep.

    that means i’m just glad that it’s part of my job…

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