can I get a heartbeat?

Here’s a thought for you I’ve thought.

When we live, we think. We think alot generally, about life and things that interest and trouble us. This thought cannot be physically seen by anyone but ourselves. No-one questions this. We accept it, and take it as granted. It (‘thought’ that is) is deemed ‘true’.

If we relax tho, and slow our heart rate, we start to day dream and think more indepth about things, we wander in our minds and disappear a little, until a time when we ‘snap out of it’ and resume a fully awake state. This cannot be physically seen by anyone but ourselves. No-one questions this. We accept it, and it is deemed ‘true’.

If we relax further, perhaps led down, and with shut eyes, we can further lower our heart rate and go into a state called meditation. Here we can vividly be conscious, yet lucid in our thoughts. We know where we are and we are submissive to our thoughts, yet in control enough to regain a conscious state yet again. This cannot be physically seen by anyone but ourselves. No-one questions this. We accept it, and it is deemed ‘true’.

If we relax more and yet again lower our heart rate once again, we can sleep. We dream, we are not so much in control, we give in to our thoughts and let them take us wherever. Colours can appear real, sounds and sights. We can dream in detail and with passion and emotion, we can dream to such a degree that we are uncertain of whats false and true, even once we have woken up. This thought cannot be physically seen by anyone but ourselves. No-one questions this. We accept it, and it is deemed ‘true’.

My thought is this. Our heart rate and level of consciousness is directly related to the vividness of our mental activity. The more we relax the more we can become conscious on another level, not one of physicality, but one of spirituality possibly? I dunno. But something is going on. Now consider this.

When our heart rate is at its most lowest, we are considered dead. But maybe we aren’t. Maybe we can be in a different mental state, one which is much more vivid and aware than dreams, one that is continual and incredible?

This I’m sure largely won’t make any sense to people. I understand that. Because we trust Dr’s, who can confirm ‘death’… and tell us that there are no visible signs of life. Both on a tactile (pulse taking) level and a technological (monitoring equipment) level. This confirms it right? I dunno. Remember ‘no visible signs of life’… well what about the ‘invisible signs of life’? Is it really impossible to believe that we can have an invisible sign of life? So much of ourselves isn’t visible by anyone but ourselves, why is it so hard to believe? I don’t get it.

Do I believe in life after death? No, I believe in life and more life.


2 thoughts on “can I get a heartbeat?

  1. however…

    let us agree that our conscious experience has some correlation to neurons firing in our brain. if we are sleeping, neurons are still firing and some kind of processes are still happening whether or not conscious or unconscious. yet, being pronounced dead is when there is no brain activity left. and my view is that we are no more. that’s it. i don’t think that there is a direct correlation between heart rate and conscious experience – in fact, often athletes talk about being ‘in the zone’ when everything seems to slow down and their interaction with the world seems to make total sense with minimal effort – they become hyper-aware. and this is the same time that their heart rate is high and their adrenaline is pumping.

    how i would explain your phenomenon is that the more relaxed one is the less external information you are processing and the more you are able to reflect on previous experiences, thoughts and memories. for instance, if we are having to cross a busy road we have to concentrate on all the external things that are going on around us so that we don’t get run over – all our energy is being put into this. if we start thinking about something else internally then we are redirecting that effort and will probably increase our chances of getting hit. another example: i often find that my mind is racing when i’m trying to get to sleep (or i will wake up worrying about things) most probably due to the fact that i don’t have any external stimuli to redirect my attention, so i’ll put the radio on just to get my brain to switch its effort to something else (even if i don’t really hear any of what’s going on) and it usually works the trick.

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