clients from hell.

today I met the client from hell. The client from hell (for me) is a creative person that thinks they know how to build a website, when actually all they’ve done is ‘build’ a website. Yes, in frontpage.

I tried to explain that designing a website isn’t what a web designer gets paid a (seemingly) lot of money for. Its not just about creativity and artistic flare, if that was true, then photographers, architects, painters and to some degree, landscape gardeners would be able to design a website. And this is the start of the problem. They ‘all’ do think they can design a great looking website. Hur-raa, that’s going to make my life a whole lot easier then! Not.

Now take anyone of the above creative people and put them through a 10 day frontpage training course and they too will become the client from hell. Ho-hum.

I tried to suggest, that thinking anyone who can ‘create’, could build an effective website, is like comparing a bricklayer with an architect. Both ‘build’ homes, but only one ‘knows’ about good and bad original effective creative design, and the other, has probably just learnt their (limited) knowledge from numerous builds (if that). Comparing web designers to mucking about with Lego, isn’t a good thing talk about infront of a potential freelancer… and if you do, then you’ve become that client from hell.

Being a creative person, won’t teach you about screen resolutions or monitor sizes or different browsers or available fonts or download speeds or file formats or image sizes or interactivity or a zillion customer emails from users complaining about why the hell I’ve moved a graphic or changed a colour or even changed a single word of text or knowing about weight and balance and composition and semiotics or accessibility etc etc.

ahh *mark sighs… and I haven’t even mentioned about web 2.0 stuff and social trends.

I need a ‘how to identify if you’re an idiot’ checklist to hand out to every creative person thats done a frontpage course and ‘thinks’ they know how to design a website.



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