Eye of the tiger…

So I buy Rhythms from tescos, and its good… with the exception of a coupla duffers (arctic monkeys no less) … its a winner. Carbon neutral packaging and all that too.. so I made up for it, buy leaving the oven on for 20mins longer than usual.

This isn’t what I wanted to talk about tho…

I bought a book. I hate it (I don’t usually use the word hate, but it fits), I won’t read it and I shouldn’t have bought it. I’ve realised I can’t read paperbacks. The pages are too small, the paper is rubbish, the text is tiny and the spacing/kerning/tracking is just… too…. much… for … my little braaaaain. Waaaaaaaa. moan moan moan. shut up ya wuss!

no really. I can only read hardback I’ve decided. The pages are a brilliant size, and the text is much bigger and readable. Hardbacks are for people who don’t like reading…. like me. Anyways… i bought a book. umkay. Its fiction. umkay. Its by a writer I’ve never heard of. umkay. And its on a topic I’m not interested it. umkay.

You know when you need a pair of glasses and you spend ages in the shop trying on all the frames cause you gotta have a pair, and you don’t like any except the really expensive Gucci ones, so you put on a pair of ugly ones, but somehow, because you’re desperate and the lighting is great and those mirrors have that holiday tan tint to them and make you look a stone lighter and… and.. and… etc? Then you get home and you look like a cross between a 70s Elton John and Dame Edna Everidge?

Well that happened to me, but with buying a book. I’ll use it to look good on my shelf for a bit with all the other books that I haven’t finished/started reading and just buy another book over Easter.

yeah I think that’s best – mark


2 thoughts on “Eye of the tiger…

  1. no-one should feel as if they ‘ought’ to read, especially in this day and age…
    most people read shite anyway that is a complete waste of their time (you know, the crappy holiday reading in which the story is really lame and you feel cheated at the end of it) – hence the fact that i hardly ever read fiction. however, there are some books of fiction that i would totally rate because they really ‘say’ something profound, either about the world in which we live or the human condition. and unsurprisingly those are usually the books that are labelled as ‘classics’ so if i were to advise you to read anything read some of those. and it doesn’t mean that they have to be bronte or hardy or really old stuff like that – some of the best I’ve read have been 20th century classics. if i were to recommend any to you they would be:
    catch 22 – joseph heller
    money – martin amis
    zen and the art of motorcycle maintenence – pirsig

  2. titles noted! I did spend a bit of time in the bookshop reading a few fiction back covers trying to find something suitable. Its a challenge, mainly cause all I can think of whilst doing that is ‘maybe I should write a book’. hmm.

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