more than words…

A rambling few things: I’ve gotta get a couple of passport photos done, for a passport renewal asap. The paperwork is done, but I’ve no printer ink to make visual my mugshot. Will sort that.

I’m craving fiction for some reason. This is rare. I generally don’t do fiction because it can’t educate me like faction can. And I like learning new things. So why exactly I’m craving fiction I’m not sure. I don’t actually think I ‘want’ fiction I think I’m actually craving creativity, and I’m bored by a lot of music I’m seeing to buy and have started to mentally wander somewhere else.

I’ve been writing lots of words recently… more than anything that gets displayed here. My own fiction. I have Doc’s and Doc’s of the stuff. I swear I’m supposed to write a book, tho on a topic I know not. gotta figure that one out, I’m certain I’m wasting time faffing about directionless until a green light or a light bulb clicks on above my head.

I don’t believe I want to read pages and pages of dull text.

However I’m addicted to books, they are fantastic. I like the idea of reading fiction, cause believe it can enhance my creativity, but I don’t have a clue what to buy. Therefore I’m actively seeking out some short story compilations to find authors that I like.

Hopefully its just a phase, and I’ll get over it.


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