the post trip analysis…

So i’m back. fair enough. Now what?

well the whole experience has got me thinking, which isn’t a rare thing… but its kind of hit a spot with me. A few things; firstly I’m very unlikely to ever see many of the kids I met there, second, many of the kids I met are lucky if they even have an email address, let alone a pc or internet access… and this annoys me. then today, I’m reading .net mag and its talking about the OLPC project, whereby they hope to build and supply One Laptop Per Child throughout all the developing countries. This is incredible, and is the sort of thing I’d love to be part of.

I also heard a rumour that the only way developed nations are able to get their hands on one, is by buying 2 laptops and the second one being shipped abroad. I’d do this. $200 is a worthwhile way of me enjoying new technology and someone else discovering new technology!

So yeah… that’s on my mind today.

the other thing that the OLPC article made me think about was helping people and doing stuff for free that helped others. I personally do a few things here which ticks that box, but I’d love to do more for someone else in another country that doesn’t have the support and finances to do that same there.

I’m now wondering if there’s a way of sponsoring a child, but in a digital technology way? and if there isn’t, then maybe there should be? I’d do it. And if I’d do it, then I’m fairly certain there would be a bunch more people out in webland that would be prepared to do the same.

I’m going to think about this some more.


One thought on “the post trip analysis…

  1. I have many reservations about the OLPC initiative (connecting people is all well and good but in some cases the brightest thing in their house will be the computer screen – as they do not have electricity – there are also questions around the educational side pertaining to media/digital literacy. It’s like introducing the tv to a tribe in the forsts of Borneo – there has to be support and educational programmes to go with it).

    Anyway, the sentiments of your post struck a chord as ever with me – about a digital sponsoship programme – maybe something we can develop through MediaSnackers? Fancy taking it on?


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