Flying home


Originally uploaded by Mark Mapstone.

ok, my 10 days are up, so I’m outta here. Tis been a great great trip, I’ve not done half the things I thought I would do, before coming out… but at the same time I think I’ve done so much more.

This essentially has been a business trip. I’ve been working all the days except 1 I’d say. I’ve been chilling with heads from all over the world, from heads in Unicef to Ian Stewart who wrote the book Freetown Ambush.

One thing that’s surprised me the most about this pretty high profile event is that we are the only british (apart from a party of irish) attendees. Wow. Think of all the youth organisations in the UK and then ask yourself where the hell are they? bizarre.

Jo’burg is a weird city I can’t recall what (if anything) I’ve already said about it… but I will write something up here about it. I’ve got a fair number of thoughts on the place.

Gotta go… finish packing and start to check out of the hotel. Sorry I couldn’t get any more video up online, but meh, the footage was cack anyway.
cheers me’dears – mark 🙂


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