How to write a song…

Make a beat
play a simple riff
keep it consistent
Get comfortable
Iron out fiddly bits immediately
Don’t get trapped in playing it forever.
Find the tempo
Find the Key
Find the bassline
Write it all down
Stretch it out in blocks of 4, 8 & 16 bars.
Bring the guitar to work
keep it in the car
Play every lunch time
Aim for 2mins 30secs each track
Record on the PS-02
Burn track to CD
Play in the car on long journeys often
hum a new melody around the riffs
Introduce vocals.
Work on the pitch
Get each note dialed.
Bring back the instruments
Find the balance
Play solidly for at least a week
1 Track at a time
Take time off work (holiday, sick or whatever)
Clean up
Be Happy
Put it away
Forget about it
Do it all again.
/////// short term goal ///////
record 3 or 4 new tracks in a very short space of time
setup a myspace page
announce to friends my new stuff


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