Music for films…

I got a message last night on msn, from a friend I used to work with that left to persue a film career, in writing and producing.

He has a series of shorts to produce in the coming weeks and wants me to record some pleasant strumminess for a particular scene, which will start mellow for a coupla minutes and then build to a fast paced scene for about 30secs.

This small task is a big joy and yet a big challenge for a little me.

He then went on to say how once those ‘shorts’ are done, he will be spending a coupla weeks in Chicago, mostly writing an idea for a film he has. Of which he’ll then need to just raise the $2mil to fund the project. He suggested he might raise the cash in the UK and take overseas to spend. He was v confident that he’d achieve it too.

just thought I’d document last night conversation… and will leave you on a mental thought that ‘with friends, comes opportunities, so its important to make the most of each that arrives in your life’.

I started planning my 2 and a half minutes of music last night.


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