the 7 year itch…

Whilst waiting for the pain killers to kick in… thought I’d tap out an observation of people:

Its about age groups and identities. And about how everyone is looking for a position in society so that they can find a place for themselves in this world. Everyone wants to ‘fit in’ after all. After a while of thinking whilst driving to the clothes bank to drop off some old clothing of mine….

We spend our teen years, trying everything, experimenting, music, clothes, girlfriends and guyfriends and smoking, drugs, piercings and tattoo’s, travel and food and everything else you can think of. All in the cause of acceptance and finding ‘ourselves’. We learn loads of things that have absolutely no use to us whatsoever in the life we really should have and think that we’re grown up, but we’re really not at all.

We spend our 20s, chasing cashing and aquiring new skills that help us lock in to the material world as we try and keep up with the world and gain that visual status of all the friends we have around us. We’re not particularly happy at this time in ourlives, but know that if only we could own ‘this much’ cash, then we’ll be alright in the future, cause money makes the world go round, right? Plus we’re full of opinions about the world, but haven’t actually achieved anything ourselves yet, and get frustrated why we’re not taken seriously by people older than ourselves. Throughout the whole decade of the 20s, we think we know ourselves and think we’re ‘adults’.

We spend most of our 30s regreting and trying to ‘undo’ what we did in our teens and 20s and trying desperately to re-align our lives because we realised that everything we ever ‘thought’ made us happy, clearly didn’t. We start to question our social status once again, realise that our job isn’t where we want to be, and money isn’t all that, because with more money comes more stress and presure and this is the decade that we have begun to really ‘know’ ourselves more and start to set ourselves up for the next decade.

We spend our 40s competing against people in our 20s, those people that we once were. challenging all those that have the most opinions in life and we can clearly see that they haven’t actually done anything with their lives yet and more than anything we know that ‘they’ don’t actually know who they are yet, even if they claim that they ‘do’ know who they are. Our bodies start to feel the effects of everything bad we did in our teens and 20s, we try to get our health back, we give up drugs and smoking, drink more water and stay out of the sun. Its all too late, because we need another coupla decades of healthy living to sort out our systems but by now its all too late and we’re set in with our vices and lifestyles that changing is almost impossible.

Our 50s are a shock to the system, all of a sudden we’re clearly not young anymore, we can’t do the shit we want and we’re not mentally ready to accept it. Employers don’t want us, and our body starts to give up on us, from hair (and its colour) to eyesight and bladder, our penis isn’t like what it once was, also our sex drive too, fashions have changed so much that we can’t bear to dress young, and even if we did we’d look stupid. We suddenly start having to draw in on our lifes assets and get some savings together and setup that pension and get ready for the decade coming.

We spend our 60s… ?

the drugs have kicked in now… I need to go lie down.


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