tracks down…

I’m finding it remarkable easy to write enough riffage to form a song. My basic approach is to play a muted bass riff on the electric guitar, from that I’ll naturally have a bass line, I’ll also develop the rhythm and beat… as well as the obvious chord structure. This is quite an easy formulaic method which means I can knock out about 4 different basic track structure an hour.

However, my ability to construct working songs is weak. I will play parts happily and continually for as long as I need and swap around so many sections tha nothing concrete forms, patterns criss-cross over each other and twist around different sections, but each time i’ll come up with something new.

What I need to do is to just pick out the main parts and write/record them down. once done move on. Don’t keep mucking about with it.

I’m worried that all this playing with zero recording, will result in me losing something good very quickly indeed. I struggled to remember a simple riff earlier today. Eventually I got it back, but it stressed me a little. Don’t want that to happen again.

Now I’ve clearly got an easy method of creating songs, I’ve got to practice my ass off, noting them down, quickly and efficently… only them will I actually start to form and record enough tracks properly to be ready for producing a real album.


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