torn between 2 instruments…

I have been switching between the guitar with the distortion turned up to 11 and rocking out like a crazy muthafucker, or sitting down to play the piano, like a wishful stepchild of Mozart.

My guitar playing is choppy, sloppy and enthusiastic… yet my personal achievement level is ‘perfection’… I’m not achieving it, so I’m not recording anything. That sucks.

The piano is sooo good to play, I feel like I’m a proper musician or something, yet again I’m desperate to record something. But here, I’ve chosen not to record ‘shit’ and to work on my pieces and accuracy until I’m a decent standard. I can’t read music (well I can a little) but I do need to, follow a music guide that is ‘notation’ is a perfect way of seeing where the fingers should be heading.

Luckily, I’m playing everyday, and without effort. Hours can disappear in minutes. I really need to be in a band, or a recording studio at least.

I need to pressure myself, to do things that I fear.

Note to self: why do I fear?


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