rose tinted eyeballs?

Recently whilst have been photographing people… for work, as I’m the ‘unofficial company photographer’. 

This, along with other things has brought to my attention the way that ‘people’ generally don’t like photos of themselves, but people are normally more than happy with what they see in the mirror each day. Why is this? Is our eyes presenting us ‘rose tinted’? Cause it seems so to me. It’s kinda bizarre about how similarly people don’t like hearing their own voice for the simple reason that we hear it through our throat and everyone else (recording devices included) hear it through our mouths. But this is where I get lost concerning our vision. We use the same perspective to view ourselves in the mirror as we do to view ourselves in photographs… so why the sudden ‘eeek’ ‘ergh’ or ‘argh!’? What do our eyeballs do exactly to our vision?…. I’ve aware of how we view things upside down and our brain flips it the right way up.. but is that all our brain does? …. how can it does this ‘rose tinted’ effect in a mirror but not to a photograph of me or you or anyone? Arghh… too many questions and zero answers. If I was in the pub right now… I still wouldn’t have any answers, cause all my mates are complete ‘nobrainers’…. but if I was in a pub with you lot… we’d probably banter for hours or something. 

anyway… the point I’m heading towards is the people I’ve been photographing can’t believe what they’re seeing sometimes… almost everyone wants another photo taken… and they aren’t really happy with the second ‘take’… but have to live with it because I have to move on to other people. One comment was, “oh my god.. look at the size of my cheeks I look like a hamster!” *mark thinks: uhh, yeah… that’s you though, how can you look any otherway? *mark says: you look fine, though I’ll happily take another. 

Most people just need to ‘fool’ their eyes just enough to allow a photo to pass… whether its the angle, the expression, the lighting, the laugher lines or whatever… the hardest thing in the world it seems is to accept that we are exactly (if not worse) than what we see presented to us in a photograph. I certainly have a hard time accepting what I see. But when I see/hear other peoples reaction towards me when snapped in my natural habitat, everythings seems well received. To try and sort out my ‘issue’, I’m actually overdosing on photos of my mugshot to try and ‘soften’ the blow of expectation when I eventually see myself in all my full 150dpi technicolour glory printed out and held in my hand. 

What mysterious properties do mirrors hold that nothing else else can contain?… or is it just me?


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