The eyes have it….

today I would like to talk about my theory on life. 

life to me 90% good and 10% bad.. but because the negative things happen less frequently than the positives and have a more emotional impact we tend to recall them more and in more detail…. and therefore the older we get the cynical we become due to the memories we naturally hold on to. 

my approach is to reverse the tables, not dwelling on the negative and emphasising the positives, forcing more emotional connection and the memories generated by them. 

This isn’t easy to do… I don’t walk around with a false smile pretending everything is ‘lovely’… I am by default a ‘false-optimist’ (which is an enlightened pessimist on an eternal PHD training course). But I am fully aware that saying ‘damn you’re gorgeous’ into a mirror every morning for 12 months would have some impact – even though I haven’t tried (I already know I’m gorgeous) 😉

Seeing the good in negative things is the first step that I began with, some years ago, and it’s worked v.well… I see/hear negative things all the time, but it doesn’t register anymore… they kinda bounce off… and I just look for positives.

Starting small and getting bigger is the only way to make this work effectively. Jumping in the deep end, does nothing but get water coming in through the top of your wellies… and nobody wants wet socks do they. 

Other things:
I have a bloodshot eye today… I don’t know why. It doesn’t hurt and I can’t recall hurting it. So I dunno. Maybe I need another holiday? (if it’s stress induced)

speak soon



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