I’ve finally (pro)found what I’m looking for

Most people are looking for something… theres a little reason, be it respect, skills authority, social status, recognition, praise etc… I do… sometimes get it and very often it happens and I don’t notice. 

most people already have a twinkling of knowledge… some little area of expertise… a thing that their good at. I’ve often say to people, your ideal job is the one you’d do anyway even without payment. 

Occasionally you’ll meet someone…. who’ll have quite an affect on you. you won’t fully know what it is. you’re not sure, but it’ll remain, and it’ll bug you to death if you don’t/can’t communicate with that person. then one day that person offers you something that kickstarts you. Offers you kinda words and advice and a confidence and self assurance that whatever you do, and whatever decision you make, is only going to lead to something great. That person offers you a book. You don’t like books that much, so are a little taken aback, but you trust them… more than your closest friend. You take their advice and do as they say. You buy that little £4.99 book with large print text and 50% photos of seagulls taking flight, which is merely a 40min read… you still think it’s not for you… but you’re intriged, its been recommended… you’re being offered a hand to get you where you really want to be… you want to glow like they glow… and more than anything you want to be happier inside than you were yesterdy. So, against all better judgement and that slight feeling of recklessness… you click the link buy it.


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