smooooooooth jaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz

norah jones is currently whispering in my ear.


Heres a quickie for ya. 

we aren’t, what they think we are…. how we are perceived by others, is what we actually are.

E.g: I have friend who is confident. he is perceived by others as arrogant. Therefore he is arrogant. 

E.g: I think I am funny… I’m perceived as sarcastic. therefore I am sarcastic. 

No matter what we claim to be…. it is others that discuss our true personas and decide/judge us….. occasionally only a true friend will let you know how you are thought of by others…. try asking them (if you feel brave enough) … personally I really don’t want to know….. cause I’m happy living in my own little bubble world of reality. 

I’m pretty good at self analysis…. I frequently think about my actions and responses and why I have made them. Knowing of my sarcasm (which incidently is the lowest form of humour imo) really helps me control it. 

Also have you ever noticed how saying ‘I’m joking’ on the end of a witty sentence, indicates that you aren’t joking at all, and you’re just trying to describe the truth? no?….. ok maybe it’s just me. 🙂 

People (me included) also test the water with humour… we (I’m generalising again) tend to make daft comments and suggestions hidden as a gags and jokes… when theres an element of truth to our words. I’m very conscious of that now….. and tend to stay away from it.

anyway….. back to Norah Jones….. Ahhhhhhhhhhh :DD


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