mental day again here…..

I’m on ‘lunch’… lunch means a coupla packet sandwiches a Muller rice strawberry yogurt, an apple and banana (normall) …. lunch also consists of me telling everyone in the office that ‘I’m on lunch’ and therefore being the signal for my phone to ring, important emails to drop through and everyone suddenly realising that my opinion is ‘worth it’s weight in gold’….. thus making my lunch break vanish. …..

anyways…… erm…. oh yeah…

Everymorning …. pretty much the same happens. I spead about 30mins playing the guitar…. I’ve been sitting making up chord patterns and inventing melodies for some time now…. I get up quite early each morning y’see…. and have time to kill… I don’t play covers.. never have done…. always created my own stuff… probably because I don’t perform, so its easier to please myself than a crowd of people… anyway….. most mornings I will produce something ‘partial yet pleasant’ to listen to. (imo) … this morning was a particularly good one…. I created something new that managed to link together and sit nicely with something I’ve had for ages…. well actually like a decade. hooray… now finally it seems, this nice little tune that I presented to my mates on a beach in france when not long out of college, can finally be finished. Twas a good morning. I record everything I play btw…. my tiny Zoom studio is perfect for it. I’d be lost without it … it’s my audio equivilent of a pencil and paper.

other things…

I spent most of last night making a website without tables… a pure CSS and accessibility and xHMTL compliant site…. quite a challenge if you’ve not really done it before… anyways… as the evening ended… I basically produced something akin to ‘my first website’…. but with the most complex css file I’ve every written…. and I’m stoked 🙂

tables are dead, long live tables! (sort of) The only real bummer I got is having to cater for Mac IE 5… cause it’s shite… I’ll keep playing though.

My first Haikus
when people shout loud
I sit inside my headphones
but no music plays
crunchynut cornflakes
nearly all the milk is gone
I must go shopping

well?…. how’d I do?

speak soon


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