The day I nearly died…

my luckiest day was the one where I ‘escaped death’ … yeah, I think that’s the best way to describe it.

Every day for years I walked this path through a small field to work and hopped over this fence and waited by this lamp post for the traffic to clear. One day cause of some really bad rain, I walked the long way round the field holding a crappy little umbrella, my coat hood up, loads of traffic flying past right next to me etc… I approached the same lamp post (bout 2metres away) that I normally waited at…. but before I reached it ….. a Landrover clipped the curb I was walking along… mounted the pavement, hit ‘the’ lamppost and smashed straight through the same section of fence I had been hopping over for years. the landrover, continued thorugh the field and ended up stuck in a hedge at the bottom.
Painting by letters 4:
In a sudden twist of fate,
somehow I lived today,

A presence in the sky,
Decided to save my life,

If I had it my own way,
I know I wouldn’t be here today.

So you can cut your hair….
& I can clean my teeth….
Forget what you’ve found and come around,
cause someones watching me.


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