lyrics without titles or melodies.

Painting by letters 1:
lipstick fountains and family trees,
everybodys looking for the life that I leave
….and I’m lifing….. & you can life with me.

slipstream riding, the birds and the bees,
standing in the sunlight where the shadows can’t be seen
….. and this sonet is….. killing me.

you can see the sunshine soaking, laughing and crying, I’m not joking.
Painting by letters 2:
Laying down on the underlay
Hoping its all going to go away
Making it up as we go along
Like watching cartoons with the Hoover on

With a stunning Demin tanktop
I’ll be winning the jukebox jackpot
stretched laughing drunk on a counter
falling over by the aid of willpower

Everybody holds a gun to my head
but I don’t mind if they’ve cleaned the barrel
the men at the pool have nicked me sunbed
now I must find where they’ve moved me towel.
Painting by letters 3:
trouble is, the cows sigh
and look at it all a different way.
all the hills stick together
and none of them seem to complain

seagulls are just having a laugh,
if they want they can pick up and go
urban man takes the biscuit,
we all stand on green painted patios.

man at the gate is dying,
as a suit and a hat waves it ‘ok’
those at the bar buy another,
horizontal cloubs leave its a shame.

hedges and stonewalls are both laying low,
and are wildly placing bets.
Acre O’lands the favourite
or are the city folk getting it next?

paperboy looks at his prospects,
and decides to pick himself a new frame,
everythings looking rosey for the boy,
and he hopes it’ll never end.

… and the man in the chair
his daddy put him there
and he doesn’t know the lies from the truth
But the man in the suit
he’s got a different point of view
and he knows he’ll be taking the small boat.


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