yawn…..uhgg mondays :(

last night my brain was buzzing like crazy… it was pretty obvious within about 10minutes of ‘going to sleep’ (lying horizontally staring at the ceiling) that I was gunna have a ‘disturbed’ sleep.

2 hours in and I thought I’d watch Fight Club…. in the hope that it would send me to sleep…. it didn’t…. I stayed awake.

Note: Normally the more exciting the film the easier I find it to fall asleep to….. my favourite ‘sleep flick’ is the Matrix… the Lobby scene in particular. How it works is …. the sounds of action scenes are normally very detailed and intense for the ears… this allows me to shut my eyes and ‘see’ the sequence in my head… therefore… the lights literally ‘go out’ and I’m away.

where was i?….. Oh yeah…. about 4:30am the films over and BBC news 24 is on… and I’m semi asleep… and tripping/dreaming that catapillars are crawling about my walls, in particular around my curtain rail…. this is freaking me out a little in dream mode and I keep waking up…. and watching tv.. At 6:30 I turn off the tv and settle down for some ‘shut eye’. At 6:45 my alarm clock goes off… and I mentally rip it from the wall socket and throw it all the way across my room and halfway down the hallway. I sleep a little more until 8:00.

I think I’ve had about 3 hrs sleep…. but it feels like zero.

I need another coffee.


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